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While operating a business, the owner is exposing themselves to numerous amounts of risks and one major risk is potential lawsuits. These possible lawsuits can account from a number of reasons, scoping to routine, lower exposure losses to highly intricate, high exposure personal injury litigation. A business can be sued for both anything it does not and does do including automobile accidents, employment-related liability, personal injury, construction site claims and product liability.


Any impending lawsuit should certainly be resolved with steps taken to reduce future costs. However, in the occasion that a lawsuit is unreasonable or deceitful, claims should be encountered with an aggressive defense. It is common for an experienced civil litigation attorney to alleviate the situation through alternative dispute resolution, either through mediation or through arbitration, for its quickness and cost effectiveness.


Over the years the litigation attorneys of Modjarrad and Abusaad, have helped clients in defending lawsuits filed against their business. With a reputation of being one of the best litigation teams of Texas, our experienced team have handled general liability lawsuits for our clients for personal injury liability and employment-related liability. If you are a business owner in Texas, and need an experienced team to defend your rights in a liability lawsuit, our dedicated litigation attorneys of Dallas are here to help you. You can call us at 972.789.1664, email us at contact@dallasarealaw.com, or fill out our FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION FORM to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our litigation attorneys to discuss the details of your case.