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Insurance litigation takes in the area of the law that deals with any disagreements between an insurance company and their covered individuals. Required by law, an insurance company has to act in good faith and cover the damages illustrated in the policy. In the instance that an insurance company fails to live to the terms of the policy, they are breaching their contract and acting in bad faith, thus legal action may be possible in this situation.


There are vast amounts of ways that an insurer will act in bad faith and deny claims to a policyholder. They can require an extreme and unreasonable amount of documentation from a policyholder, state that the documentation was not received in a timely manner, claim to have never received the documentation, declare that a claim is not covered when in fact it is, as well as a multitude of others. If the claimant believes that the insurer is not acting in good faith, they have a right to seek out legal counsel in order to receive compensation for the damages.


It is tremendously important to inquire about the services of a civil litigation attorney who has a wealth of experience in the form of insurance litigation. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, you can increase the possibility of a beneficial outcome greatly, saving time and money.


Our experienced team of litigation attorneys is here to help you with all kinds of insurance claims litigation matters. We have been representing our clients since 2000, for insurance claims litigation regarding auto accidents, work injuries, premises liability, and wrongful death. Our litigation team has been named as one of the best litigation teams in Texas for their personal injury litigation verdicts by VerdictSearch.


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