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Real estate litigation is a tricky issue for the reason that it does not have a basic definition. It encompasses most cases occurring out of a real property interest or dispute. In addition, since most cases engross the leasing, buying, or selling of property, real estate litigation is mostly involving contract law concepts. Other areas of real estate practice are breach of contract related to real property, evictions, zoning issues, landlord tenant disputes, and property tax disputes. Even if rigorous amounts of research is done in order to insure an airtight contract, disputes can and in most cases will happen. It is exceedingly essential to obtain an attorney who has a wealth of experience in issues relating to real estate law in order to make certain that you are protected from any future possible harm.


Real property contract disputes can cover multiple forms. Breach of contract, one form of real property contract disputes, take place when a buyer or seller backs out of a real estate contract, thus violating it. Fraud in real estate transactions is another form, arising when a seller either has tainted the condition of the property or has not disclosed a defect before closing. Landlord tenet disputes are commonly in the forms of late rent payments, rent overcharge proceeding, wrongful evictions, property damage, collections, breach of lease, landlord liability, and common assessed maintenance.


When the important real estate matter takes place, it is important to seek out a real estate litigation lawyer who has their expertise to share with you. With their experience on the matter, valuable money and time can be saved, a tremendous headache can be averted, and a step towards feeling secure can be ensured.


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